SkyTest BU/GU Lite App Reviews

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Good app,worths to buy it. With this app i can study dlr exam even when Im in work )

Do not buy this product

It does not deserve what you paid for. You can not change any significant option in each modul. It is far away from being a professional software. What a shame.


Probably the worst app that I trained with! Its far from giving you a real training experience. They never mention "0" in the test or trainings while the speaker here keeps saying 0 every other 4-5 digits. Likewise, the triangle game is not satisfactory at all! I wish I could get my money back! Certainly doesnt worth the money. SkyTest is only good for MIC module, the rest is crap.

Do not deserve its price

Interface of the application is so poor and very old, need an update. This app just gives little information about the test. It also contains error in answers of cube folding test. I want a rebate for this.

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